Friday, 2 December 2011

Real cowboys say the party never ends

please don't make confused noise during chanting funny sign
Come hither ye pox-marked hedge-pigs
and sing hey nonny no
Get thee hence, gorbellied puttocks all
and a-wassailing we shall go
When I have led my global flock for a few years and wish to take a messianic sabbatical in secret to renew myself, I shall visit the world's best waterpark in Texas. blastenhoff beach at the schlitterbahn, new braunfels texas
Butlins and the Pyramids have given me a taste for waterslide-related aqueous danger, and no stranger danger exists than the Schlitterbahn! You progress through the 3 areas, Blastenhoff, Tubenbach and Surfenburg.....
In today's spelling test I got a measly 3/6. This is a retrograde step so I expect the house of pain.
tall flames at bonfireBut at the same time, I got into the Golden Book for great reading, moved up a reading level, got a special award for tidiness and protected Erin from schoolyard bullies. I am an un-humdrum conundrum.
In the afternoon we had another bonfire. This was really just to get rid of the cardboard from the cactus box that was too small and thus in the way. We spread the ash from the Puddle Firework Night bonfire (garden looks like a nuclear winter) and got to it. It went up quickly and effectively and was all gone by the time it rained.
Swimming lessons: I can now swim without armbands! Next up - pearl diving and channel-crossing!
Tonight we watched my latest DVD video (Mungo 11) which included clips from November 2009 onwards - including Beth drinking out of a beercan stolen fom JoniBobsDad at our original PuddleParty in August 2010. And you thought you'd got away with it.....
captain cool prodding a bonfire with sunglasses on

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