Saturday, 17 December 2011

All ur fizzers are belong to us

boy in shopping trolley, camouflagedAwoke at 1020 to start my holiday as I mean to go on. I got dressed in bed to prove my point. Then we caught the first of 4 buses (none of whom asked my age) on a charity-shop rampage seeking bath fizzers and Arnold Schwarzenegger DVDs. From descriptions alone I wish to see Twins and in the fullness of time (a couple of years) all the other ones with their bombs, fights and explosions.
Waited dutifully in the Post Office queue for my undelivered packet; good old Blind Uncle Len, he always comes up trumps.
camouflage soldier and drinking fountainToday I am wearing my new commando boots, grenadier jacket and soldier hat in matching camouflage. Nobody has seen me all day.
Jof required an extra sleep after a hard day at work so in order to get us out of the house we decided to do Sainsbury's and also go to his work to pick up the box he's been saving. The building was deserted so we wandered around a bit, got a coffee and went to his lab/work area. I wrote my traditional christmas address to the faithful while he gathered the box parts. I used every colour of pen available and I think it's a masterpiece: the transcript follows. Now of course, because of the camouflage kit, you can't see me but in the top picture I'm modelling the very latest in child stealth technology.
 The security guard we met on the way out was most surprised to see a cardboard box walking along by itself but he didn't stop us.
The Mungleton Christmas address
Max on the palit
boy in cardboard shipping container, pallet-sizedBud is mooving the box
I am not aloud to drive the palit truk
The chrismas trea lites chang into oring and red and blue and grean and a silver sdar.
Bud has a god werck.
The lite on the fawklift gose oring and is just licke this
I luve chrismas
When we got home we set up the box, it has many windows and a skylight shaped like a willy, as you do. I decorated it with many stickers. It is box #6 in the Puddle series and hopefully some of my friends can play in it before the end of the year, when I will destroy it.

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