Saturday, 3 December 2011

Like our status

young love, my first girlfriendWe were going to be late for 11am gymnastics so caught a bus for the last 2 stops. The bus driver asked how old I was - he accepted my given age as 4 but for how much longer? Are my looks going? Is my career over?
On the way home I asked if we could get a bus again so I didn't have to walk. He refused but there was an abandoned Tesco shopping trolley outside Fratton station so we took that, and I rode it all the way home, gabbling a running commentary to my hat.
During lunch 1, future second wife Pops came round and summoned me to her house and we went to the park. I knew I needed some girlie-time before the lad's night in. (EarlyGirly, ThenBen)
opponents playing travel battleshipsAt 4pm on the nose, Ben arrived. We got into train-track building straight away. He got all the lego out but it wasn't compatible with wooden track. Then we played battleships with a new rule - sunk ships go to the opponent. This makes for a potentially infinite game so we gave up and did some forward rolls and jumping from the cupboard onto the bed until we were told to stop.
building lego and wooden train tracksMore track + lego. Then Hungry Hippo: we found it was fun to throw the balls in the air until one hit the lightbulb which stopped working and rained hot glass shards onto the exact bit of floor where Ben was going to sleep. Instantly, he proved the inadvisability of this by cutting his finger. Bud hoovered and changed the bulb without shouting even once.
Then during lego-boat enhancement, Ben didn't quite get to the toilet so he borrowed some pants and trousers. I hope he doesn't wee in the bath, for it is bath fizzer night and we've got extra fizzers in. After only the briefest intermission for burgers and chips, it was back to lego until the bath was run. Fizzer spectacular: 2 purple cubes, 3 Xmas stars, 3 blue eggs, 1 strawberry bag and 1 ball that Ben brought with him. This made the bath quite slippery and oily. We then embarked on a marathon wrestling and giggling session that continued even when we were in pyjamas.
 Most of the stills and videos of this event are to be seen only by our parents and future girlfriends if applicable, should there be any. As far as we were concerned, 2 sturdy young lads wrestling in a greasy bathtub of soapy carnage was heaven and Bud had to mop seriously afterwards, but apparently this innocent and hilarious activity can command a high price in certain circles so will not be blogged. We are told to continue this family feud down at the pyramids or similar where you can splash as much as you like, while wearing trunks.
We finally quietened down at approx 1030. Incidentally, the National Lottery emailed us today saying we were winners. Our ship has come in: not sure how much of a ship you can get for £5.20 but expect us to buy a new castle soon.

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