Monday, 5 December 2011

Tinstallation Day

dong bang grocery and gifts funny sign
Like Tinsellectomy Day (surgical removal of tinsel) at the very beginning of this year, it is now time to reinstall the tinsel, Xmas trees, fake window snow and whichever baubles etc have survived since this time last year. Also, it's the final run-in to year-end with 2 weeks of school to go and only 3 more weeks of being 5.
Came home from school in a biting wind with 2 Xmas cards from my classmates. One of them is so touching and heartwarming I will reproduce it here for posterity and also provide a transcript of the well-formed writing. (Not kidding, it's much better than mine)
funny rude christmas card from horrible girl

From Aimee Jackson in Otters
To Max
happy christmas
I don't realy like you that much but I got a 2 packs of christmas cards
any way have a great day day
Remeber the presont you were gowing to give us

Honestly, it's like we were made for each other. I look forward to a life finding out what females are really like.
king dressed in tinsel chainsAt home I improved the train track until Bud made me pack it away for trying to improve it by banging the trains together. I don't see what's wrong with percussive engineering.
We do not participate in the western tradition of Killing A Tree For Xmas so instead we get our reusable pretend Columbian spruce down from the loft, where it aestivates. It's quite old so has probably outgassed all its toxic volatile chemicals. I helped straighten out all the little wire branches but after the 2nd minute it all got a bit like hard work so I went back upstairs to see if Jof had pulled all her hair out trying to untangle the glittery-things-on-a-string for my own personal bedroom tree.
Here I am as Supreme Emperor. Remember this, for the reality is only a few short years away.

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