Friday, 9 December 2011

Pudding panic

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Kirk Douglas is 95 today. Apparently, he was the first Sportacus.....
Last night Jof wanted pudding, which is not unreasonable. I was also in support of this motion. However, the cupboards were semi-naked (fairly bare) and Bud came back from the kitchen to report options as follows:
Jaffa cakes, Dr Oetker icing sugar, 17 grapes, cooking chocolate, 1 christmas pudding (2007), 1 ice cream on a stick, ibuprofen (200mg), 1 carrot (bendy), bran flakes, jellies, custard and the big tin of chocolate where all the leftover bits go.
Clearly, she ended up with the giant tin of assorted choc goodies, but I wanted the christmas pudding. Jof said it'd take too long to cook but we must make sure we consume it this year, if for no other reason than we need the little plastic bowl to microwave the broccoli in. Apparently these things last forever: modern-day ones are sealed into bacteria-free plastic stasis-coffins so it will be as good as new. This reminds me of my most recent incarnation as a globe-trotting schoolboy in the 70s: we'd drag a few christmas cakes around the middle east with us in the cabin trunks as we moved from country to country. All these cakes required for indefinitely extended lives were an annual injection of brandy through specially drilled holes in the base. Thus some rivalled me in age, and some were old enough to vote. In fact, I think one had his own passport and PSV driving licence, his ID photo wasn't up to much, but still.....
ErinsDad was a little severe about DylanDog aka DevilDog this afternoon. Maybe he came home to another few piles of doggie doo-doo.
Swimming was excellent as usual. We even met Rosie in the foyer, I've just invited her to my joint birthday party with Ben. The invites to my classmates (not including 3 who are rude to me in the playground and Aimee who wrote the bad card to me - I'd have invited her but Jof has vetoed her, Thatcher-style) have been completed, I just have to deliver them.
Grandma has to stay in hospital for a week. I hope she has a lot of books.

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