Thursday, 8 December 2011

A stiff wind from Reykjavik

funny sign jump off the cliff
Definitely a day for an extra layer of clothing. The wind is making lots of woo-ing noises around the house.
This morning we were late. Jof's alarm clock went off but the snooze button meant she went back to sleep until 840. So I had half a brioche for breakfast and we were in a big rush and then I needed a poo while I was cleaning my teeth and I put the wrong shoes on so I was late for school.

primary colour mixing wheel google chrome logoGrandma got her own free trip in an ambulance at 2 o'clock this morning after she fell down once too often and couldn't get up again. She's now sulking in hospital and Grandad's sulking at home because he can't cook. Luckily his Golf club serves decent lunches so he won't starve. One way to lose weight, I suppose.
Here is my latest creation which is a colour wheel that shows primary colours and their products if mixed. I reckon it's a subliminal blipvert for google chrome.

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