Tuesday, 13 December 2011

There's rocks in them thar hills

ripoff movie poster showing schwarzenegger in star wars
What a lot of wind and rain last night! Our wheelie bin had made a bid for freedom but we recaptured it. I bet it was lively on the seafront. The walk home was not going to be nice.
gyrating schoolchildren playing legoIn the schoolyard Erin invited herself to tea which was fine as we got a lift to the post office to post Uncle Len's parcel. The queue was very long, why is it that the unemployed, retirees and fat people go there just when it's busy? We played cutting and sticking before rediscovering lego. To the tune of our new song ("Who let the dogs out, a-poo, a-poo a-poo") I made a boat while she gamely tried to insert a lego policeman up her nose. ErinsMum got to walk on the blustery seafront on her own, at least DillanDog could chase the lumps of seaweed that were blowing about on the road.
Supper was chicken and pasta with yellow melon to follow: Erin spilled her orange juice in exactly the same place as Ben did last week, we really ought to get the pest control people in to scan for gravity wells. We watched Tracey Beaker in which a girl runs through dense woodland vainly attempting to escape her own terrible hair. Lucky Erin went home when she did because it hailed heavily later.
Grandad rang to say Grandma is much better, enough to complain that the cauliflower cheese for lunch was cold.

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  1. I really like your blog. I also enjoy your style and command of language. I myself have rediscovered legos many times over the years. Only a few pieces stay with me in my dorm today though, one being a Dalek I made by gluing some legos together. Also, I am offended that Microsoft Word doesn’t recognize ‘lego’ as a legitimate word.


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