Monday, 26 December 2011

Sorry, I'm a little hard of herring

ghanaian pee cola bottle funny engrish productboys playing football in the parkUp for 1010, straight into nutter jumping-on-your-head mode. Slowly we reasserted our right to rejoin the human race and were ready to leave the house noonish.
The JBs invited us over to the park for bicycling so we did that, and took a football. We all then played a decent game for an hour or so until lunchtime, a very enjoyable bit of fresh air. We changed sides and directions a few times and Johnny spent a lot of time on the floor showing off his new sliding tackle but in the end the scores were very close because we'd lost count.
impromptu football game against a fenceIn the afternoon we lazed as usual but then heard that Elizabeth McPuddle had enjoyed a game of monopoly. We tried it and did very well. It's excellent reading and maths practice and will prepare me for the vicious revenge and treachery of life.
I died first because of bad luck landing on the right things in the initial purchasing frenzy. I chose to keep all my money upside down in one messy pile so others wouldn't know how much I had but then, neither did I. My plan of buying Park Lane straight away backfired a bit, Jof paid taxes every circuit and then when Bud had 3 houses on the green ones we were facing a £900 bill every time and soon copped it. He was declared Econ-O-Miser and we decamped to rub our stiff botties better.

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