Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Saturnalia!

boy on christmas present scooter and jogging motherThere were 2 stockings of presents attached to my bed this morning - well, I say attached, but my bedknobs are so feel-the-thickness that the hanging loop won't go round. Woke at 1025 to riffle through the stockinged goodies.
I didn't bother to get dressed for the great present shareout so sorted out the tree presents in pyjamas. I got the most as is deserved and as there were at least 3 lego items in there I just got on with that. At about 3 we thought we ought to get dressed and go out on the new scooter, so we ventured forth into the deserted world and I got to go on the hanging basket in swingpark as there were only 3 humans there.
table fussball on christmas dayJoy to all and may all your christmases be great.
Then, gradually, we did the usual family thing of sitting around waiting for the 1 real meal of the day. Jof made a massive turkey delight of many different dishes (pity the washer-up man) and I had seconds of all the porgiest bits - extra pigs-in-blankets and extra meat'n'gravy and extra roast potatoes and then extra choccie biccies. As usual, I roused Bud from the afternoon film to make the table football game and we made a monster-on-a-stick from the making-it book and then it was bath fizzer night with all the favourites. Jof was playing bookworm (the word-making game he brought back from work) so I used that as yet another excuse to stay up later. Bedtime was approx 1100 so let's not get up until Tuesday. This is all training for the Puddle New Year Party at Erins...

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