Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The turn of a friendly card

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Looking forward to getting more cards from my classmates and reading the personal messages contained within. I suppose I ought to send a few as well.
Today Jof took Aimee's card in to show the teacher, rather than fight her mother in the playground. The teacher called in the Head teacher, who called Aimee into her office, and then she called Aimee's mother into the office, and there were all sorts of speeches about how it was tantamount to bullying which is not tolerated. In the end I don't think anyone had to go to prison or get transported to Australia but it was all good fun anyway.
2 children and a dog beating up an adult
Because Bud went to the Sausage Pub in Emsworth for his work party (he had ostrich sausages), I got to go home with Erin. We went down to the seashore and bumpy paths and climbed about on the rocks with Dylandog in arctic conditions. This activity tired us out a bit so at least we were more pliable when it came to artwork, Where's Wally and hide-and-seek. I had a great time and we had double hotdogs with spaghetti hoops. Then Bud arrived to pick me up and all 3 of us squashed him.
At home we did some more decorations but I think it's unfair that I'm the shortest because I get all the rubbish jobs. Why should I take the toilet rolls upstairs instead of attaching tinsel to the ceiling fan?

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