Thursday, 1 December 2011

Overtaken By Events, dear boy

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There's never enough hours in the day. Yesterday we were supposed to have a bonfire. And do the book homework. And the spelling practice. And 7 hours of Mickey Mouse. Where does the time go?
Today I had to forgo the day 1 chocolate from my advent calendar for being naughty. However my name was pulled out of the hat to have the day 1 chocolate from my class calendar so Jof was foiled again, if it wasn't for those darned kids etc.
Today we were supposed to have yesterdays' bonfire. But it rained solidly (well, liquidly) from hometime to bedtime so that was postponed again. I could not get away from Thursday spelling though, so hunkered down for an hour's work. Task 1 was to read the book about the moon and answer questions on it. This was fine but we got into a deep discussion about whether frogs could exist on the lunar surface: in the end we decided no, due to historical under-investment in the French space programme.
I got 4/6 on my spelling 3rd time lucky, but had a mental block with 'Bread' and 'Ready' - they came out as rede and bred. But then, with a wooden spoon hovering near my buttocks, I suddenly got them both right before any contact could be made. Funny, that. He then set me some basic algebraic equations which I solved easily. Before bedtime Jof and I played battleships. I could get to enjoy this.

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