Monday, 19 December 2011

Come on in, the water's lovely

please do not empty your dog here funny sign
Swimming day at the YMCA! Ben picked me up super-early so Jof could go to work and open up, the rest of the staff had forgotten to take the right keys due to christmas party-related forgetfulness. All of us wanted another few hours in bed.
At the YMCA we:
  1. made advent calendars
  2. played lego
  3. went swimming
  4. ate sweeties
  5. made quadruple-stacked paper aeroplanes
  6. that's about it
cardboard shipping carton castleWhen Bud came to pick us up I was still eating a strawberry shoelace and we both had lots of floppy paper aeroplanes and so forth to pack into our numerous bags. I think we remembered everything. At home we played in the box which played the role of a garbage dump, multi-storey car park, pirate galleon etc etc. Ben finally went at 730 although I'd have kept him if it were possible. We'll meet again anyway.....
At showertime they noticed the red patches on my chest which were from the rough surface of the 'surfboard' in the pool today. And miraculously that is when they started to hurt. Just because I'd been gambolling around with Ben all day without a twinge does not mean I wasn't in agony the whole time, I just didn't realise.

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