Wednesday, 28 December 2011

7th Day Benevolent Candles (Scottish Rite)

engrish funny penguin octopus subtractionI was so excited at the mere thought of Nanna arriving that I got up at 9am. This didn't last so I legoed and watched TV until it was time to pick her up. It wasn't long before we'd roped her in to playing Monopoly in lieu of Jof: she inherited a couple of decent property chains with houses but managed to snatch ignominy from the jaws of potential and capitulated early, having eschewed house purchase for the far less advisable course of buying Park Lane.

giant packaging foam throne in factory environment
After lunch they wanted to cook without my help so I accompanied Bud to his work where we picked up tranche 1 of 2 of the foam he'd asked his workmates to keep for him. There was loads and we'll need to make another trip but it'll be worth it to make the padded room at last at Erin's party next week. While piling it all up for neatness I used it as a throne: fear me and bow down, my subjects.
In the afternoon I played ludo and snakes + ladders with Jof and Nanna but didn't win anything. It was very unfair so had a strop in a corner. Bud rescued the situation with a valiant yet doomed attempt to get more money than me in the unfinished game of Monopoly: I gradually stripped him of all his properties and then charged him (with glee) £1025 for visiting Piccadilly. He died and I was pronounced victor in only my second game.

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