Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A self-made fool

slow children hunting with shotgun funny
Tuesday. Still inviting new people to my party: today I told a Year 2 student that he was invited and to be in London on Friday evening for the cakes. In the afternoon we worked on my board game but the cheap giant pens we bought from the Asian corner shop had obviously been there for years and were dry and useless. Perhaps some giant black marker pens can magically appear from someone's work.
While they were eating their supper I did my bit for global warming by leaving the back door open so we could warm the globe: I'm generous like that and do it frequently.
I also spent a while making a den by putting all the chairs on their backs underneath the dining table and filling the resultant space with all the coats and hats.
She doesn't know it yet, but tomorrow morning Jof will shout at me when I just can't find any of my coats and make us late.
That naughty frequency
I read today in the New Scientist that blue light, especially at bedtime, disrupts the circadian rhythm and thus quality of sleep. Lamentably, for the last few years the shade on my night-light (which I still insist I require) has been a deep azure blue. Thus this evening I put a job card in for Facilities to replace it with a more suitable colour at the other end of the visible spectrum.
My bedroom now has a warm red light. I'm thinking of putting in a Leatherette minibar, a couple of What The Butler Saw machines and some pictures of tennis players scratching their bottoms. I think Erin will love it on that sleepover she asked for.

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  1. Sleepover - "I offer. But since the bathtime video you may wish to take it under advisement

    Hmmmm....perhaps best not to!


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