Saturday, 1 October 2011

October. Beach weather, obviously

naked boy playing pinballHave invited the Popsicles to today's activities, Erin is busy which is a shame.
Awoke at 8 to play Naked Pinball™ as you do.
Gymnastics was good, Dave the gymteacher says I have excellent coordination and today there were far fewer students there so smaller class sizes mean better tuition. Maybe they're all down the beach (who'd want to go to the beach in this weather?)
standing at the prow of the ferry like titanicThen I had a grade 2 at Sid's the barber. Normally I palpitate and hide grizzling in a corner at the very mention of clippers but this lady had removed most of my locks before I noticed, so now I accept them as non-fatal.
the gang arrives by hayling ferryAfter lunch we both hopped on our bikes and reached the Hayling Ferry without difficulty. It's my first time on proper roads and I wasn't scared. We didn't have to wait at all as the ferryman was quite busy so wasn't sticking to his timetable, just going back and forth whenever people were waiting, which was all the time.
paddling in the seaOn the other side we waited for Ben and the JoniBobs to catch the next ferry and then we all rode off in convoy (with many bleating and stopping incidents) to the busy main beach. It was high tide so there wasn't much sand but we busied ourselves with buckets and spades and rocks and so forth. BensMum and Bud and JBsMum all went swimming in the sea and for a while, so did I!
bucket and spade on the beachYou don't normally expect to swim in October so there was a certain amount of commando bike-riding on the way home. They said my head was like a tennis ball but I don't mind.
Eventually we rode back alone to get the garden ready for the barbecue we'd decided to have only yesterday, while the others had ice creams and cycled back (with a certain amount of bleating and stopping incidents).
girls at the partyWhen we got home, Elizabeth had already arrived so I looked after her while the preparations were being made and then people started to arrive.
artwork on the dining tableWe got a surprise visit from Erin who stayed for a while and PopsDad dropped her off because she could hear the party from her garden. We chased the girls with our weapons drawn and played instruments and attacked each other as the food was cooking. We did start watching "Dinosaurs" on DVD but then playing dinosaurs was more fun, then we emptied all the toys out onto the floor and did drawing and sticking.
I think the last of them went at 10 something, a little after that I went to bed and slept until after 9. What a busy day!

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