Friday, 14 October 2011

Walking in my own shadow

anus baby care worrying signFriday!
It was polychrome metronome day as Bud was repotting the giant San Pedro cacti so I had the TV remote to myself for hours and hours (notwithstanding a brief break for swimming lessons).
The largest cactus is now 56 inches tall (way more than me and nearly as tall as him) so the day may surely approach when we have to bequeath them to the Eden Project or similar, or just Ebay them. Jof objects to their very existence, particularly the way they and their Peyote cousins take over the extension room every winter. Roll on the lottery win, I say.
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum pool, he said get dressed into your swimtogs before we get there to save time, so I did that. Nobody said anything about putting my trousers on over the top, like we've done every other swimming trip. Thusly, I was somewhat deficient in dry clothing following the splendid wet session in which I learned to do backstroke with only 1 arm. So I was left with the choice of sprinting semi-naked through the carpark in only pants, or to think my way around the problem. I opted to swaddle myself in the damp towel and toga'd my way home.
Later, JoniBobsDad dropped by to deliver the Portsea Beer Festival ticket and pretended to be a policeman, which did not fool me for one minute. They get younger and younger, these coppers.....

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