Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pointing in my own direction

product ripoff star wars japanese styleAt school pickup time Bud brought a massive bag of assorted boxes of many sizes from his work so it was mouse, memory, keyboard and charging unit boxes and the inside rings from 3 inch brown tape and the giant clingfilm that you wrap pallets in. I bet nobody else proffered that kind of stuff, no doubt it's all toothpaste and cornflakes. The teacher was underwhelmed as they have a roomful of cardboard and there's only so much they need before fire risk outweighs kiddie entertainment. But think about the quality, woman.....  I got a well-done sticker from the Headmistress for good handwriting and good storytelling. In a couple of weeks the class will be showing off our fairground project so images thereof will appear in these hallowed digitized pages. Also, my tenure of the Pencil Monitor position has switched to that of Morning Door Opener: shame we cut it a bit fine for arrival time. looking over the fenceThen I went straight home with Erin and we took DillanDog down to Ben's bumpy paths where I walked him for a bit but he wasn't allowed near the lakes in case he tried to walk on it - he hasn't met water yet. After a lovely time with Erin I walked home with him sling-shotting me the whole way, I tidied (enough for a chocco reward) while Bud joined the 18th century with a new cable-free telephonic communications device and spent some time sending (and deleting) rude messages to BensMum.

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