Saturday, 8 October 2011

My mind to your mind.....

frigging in the rigging, giant sword
We were all up surprisingly early for a non-working Saturday. Jof was taking me to gymnastics so he grabbed the chance to have an epic 18-mile bike ride to Horndean and back. We did some shopping (I got a brilliant even-bigger-than-yours sword, watch this space for Piddlers losing eyes) and after lunch met Pops and Ruby in the park for some swinging basket action. rocks falling into the sea with large splash
As there was time left in the day, we drove down to the tidal race channel between Pompey and Hayling island. The tide had just turned in again but we found many giant rocks*, made our own version of the great balancing stones of Ballindrimma and pushed them in to a pool of water, counted the number of different shells we could find (7) and got chased home by rain.
Jof and the PuddleMummies are going clubbing tonight so all the PuddleDaddies are expecting the BefuddleMummies to sleep on sofas. The BefuddleDaddies have their turn next week.
In other news, one of the people at Jof's work left suddenly after they found the bundles of fifties were actually 49s, oh dear. But then again, one of the people at Bud's work also left suddenly after looking at girlie pictures at work.
*Banging Rocks. As seen in this picture, further back from the low tideline, the waves move rocks of all sizes and they get wedged in the coastal defence walls. The collapsed concrete lintels behind me are part of that. First, select a rounded stone. Bang a wedged stone until the shells and pebbles holding it fast fall away and then you have a Banging Rock. Take this Banging Rock and use it to bang other, larger stones and rocks loose for use in 1) damming the waterfall round the corner or 2) just throwing into the sea as seen here. One of the giant rocks that Mr Silly tottered down to the splashpool with weighed more than he did, spladoosh! Kladesh! Tinesh!

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