Sunday, 2 October 2011

In the bleak midwinter

Arose very slowly to yet another sunny day with temperatures in the high twenties and didn't do much. While I was still eating breakfast the JoniBobs rang to invite me to football practice with Erin in the park so off I went. I slyly inviegled and insinuated myself into staying with the JBs for the whole day, at least until the weekend's second unscheduled impromptu BBQ. We played football but got quite hot and grumpy. The collective was a bit bad-tempered, maybe once the quorum is reached, I'm the catalyst that sets it off.
Bud and Jof arrived at the JBs late afternoon but I barely noticed due to being so busy. The random unknown scooter we found in our conservatory this morning was definitely not Bobert's, not Erin's or Beth's. So that and the unknown micro-teddy that also appeared this morning is either Ben's or mine.
watching toy story 3We all did our usual with the weapons and the hovercraft and the lego and the heroic plastic figurines but it all kicked off large-style when Erin returned with Dilbert the LittleDog. Or was it Derbert. Or Norbert. Whatever, he was as excited about everything as we were when we were 2.
We all had sausagetime (this is not a noody-room related lack-of-clothing incident, more a nutritious mixed-meat related tummy-filling incident) and the boring people had beertime and football stats-related yawn city.
Eventually it was time to go even though Toy Story 3 hadn't finished, I scooted back through the park (on the as yet unclaimed scooter) in the dark (lucky we eat carrots) and had a belated potion-bath that washed off the sea salt from yesterday and the football sweat from today.
Aren't weekends supposed to be lazydays after the working week?

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