Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Mungleton Singleton

calvin cartoon walking dog poo through the house
My reading book for the week is called "Brother Love", about a boy and his younger brother who always messes things up but he still loves him anyway. This is my third incarnation in a row as a single child. Like the 2 before, I wanted a brother to play with but Jof said no chance, she wasn't going through all that again and Bud said pull the other one, for it hath bells on, have you seen the price of them nowadays. Perhaps it's a Karmic realignment for 4 incarnations ago (The Colonel Great-Grandad) who had 4 brothers and 7 sisters and didn't keep in touch with any of them. Never mind, I've got the Piddlers to play with, as long as I don't alienate them by stropping.
This afternoon before we'd even left the schoolyard Erin invited me round again but it has to be my turn sooner or later so we went back to ours and Erin helped Bud harvest the tomatoes while I watched telly.
Then we decided to go to the skate park and drive cars down the slopes but it was too busy so we travelled on to Tunnel Park with the 2 golf balls we had thought of earlier.
These bounce really well in the asphalted tennis courts so we threw them to each other, climbed on the train and other frames and rolled the balls around the railway track.
On the way home we cajoled a (sugar-free) Ribena and packet of "French Fries" crispy stick things from our pet adult and that went well for a while until it was "He's had more than me ", "It's my turn, she's had more than me". Then suddenly the crisps were confiscated and my buttocks developed a hand-shaped red patch. Erin turned silent in case she got one. I described this sensation repeating the usual word of 1 syllable ("Waah") along the pavement and subsequently from under the sofa until, out of nowhere, I was all sweetness and light again and we played traffic jams with all the toy cars until her parents came to pick her up, all too soon. I'm learning.

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