Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kingdom of the thunder dragon

Warbled myself to awakeness at 0930. Breakfast was frosties but I allowed myself a sausage roll on the way to gym. If we had waited for the bus we'd have been late, lucky we walked. I got a special well done sticker from the tutor for my great straddle jumps.
portsea island beer festival ticketBensMum picked me up directly from gym even though she felt as rough as bottoms, apparently, due to a cold, sounds like she's using the wrong toilet paper. But she took us to Ben's bumpy paths where we played Hot Diggedy Dog (with the JBs, Erin and Dillandog) and Dinosaur ToothBone Discovery with our magic scanners. I also distributed the remaining chalk nodules from Goring beach to my bestest friends, so they can write their names on their gateposts or front walls.
Meanwhile the PuddleDaddies were out on their annual pilgrimage to the Portsea Beer Festival for Consumption of Liquids Of All Nations. Ben realised something was amiss and he asked "Are you going to a secret beer'O'clock?"
groovy dude with shoes
The brass band played many well-known hits including Bryan Adams (All I do I do for you) and Eternal Flame by the Bangles but they could not do Bud's special request "Sea shanties" or the Dambusters as they didn't have the sheet music. The downstairs toilet was wallpapered with sheet music so a phonetic joke/play on words was made about sheet and music.  During this BensMum phoned in to complain that the stereo was not working: the suggestion to turn up the volume knob worked wonders and she did not trouble them in the middle of the day
He was back in time to do bath fizzer night and I finally drifted off at 11.
Not much of a secret beer'o'clock if the PuddleDaddies get in the local paper, is it?
 pet adults at the beer festival

At one point ErinsDad said "Dave and I are girls" but really he was talking about the children they represent. Thus I have labelled our pet adults and note that although the headline says make mine a pint, they were only issued with half-pint glasses.

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