Monday, 31 October 2011

Hello? Een!

nonsense poetry from japan
Back to the daily drudge of school again. Why does this keep happening? Can't wait until I'm an adult and every day is a holiday.
At pickup time I posed the following question to Bud and ErinsMum (because it is art week):
What artist was born 150 years ago in 1966, died in 1944 aged 76 in the big war, became a schoolteacher and painted pictures made out of shapes? His name sounds like Silican Scotsio. Any ideas??
dracula coffin for halloween party, knights templar tombAt least I have Ben's place to look forward to tonight. I have tried out BOX #5 and have the costume ready. I've practiced lifting the lid slowly and arising from within like Count Dracula himself but I might just jump up and shout "Hello, everyone" because I can't stand the suspense.
two halloween bats4 children trying to get into the same halloween coffinBefore we left we stuck the bats to the coffin lid (one is called Jasper the friendly bat and the others appear to have shrunken head syndrome) and also a spider. BensDad helped Bud carry my boxed corpse into the house and once he'd said the magic words, I rose from the dead to tumultuous applause. Of course, all the Piddlers immediately rushed forward and all tried to get in it at once, which is when Erin got kicked in the head and squashed.
bobbing for apples at halloweenThere was much ghouling, a bit of gurning, some goolie-ing and everyone was manic. That's when Jof asked Bud to take the coffin away as it was proving too much fun. At food-time Bob sang his favourite song over and over ... 
"You're a Big Fat Knacker,
 You're a Big Fat Knacker,
 You're a Big Fat Knacker."
We played halloween bingo and we bobbed for apples. Well, technically I suppose only Bob bobbed for apples, Erin kept dunking her long lustrous hair in the apple pond and her mum had to hold it back for her. Eventually we headed out for the serious business of the day, to whit, armed robbery of all local houses for chocolate plunder. There were 7 of us so each hapless householder tried to palm us off with only 1 sweetie each. Trouble was, we raided so many dwellinghouses, the domestic comestibles soon mounted up and I practically filled my bucket as well as my boots. It was the night for it and on some of the local streets we met so many other bonbon bandidos that our thieving tribe kept getting mixed up with other candy-marauders and we had to give at least 1 zombie back to its parents.
children in halloween costume I reckon that I did the best because I had farthest to travel to get home, plus I had a Pops with me and nobody can resist a Pops. The 7 of us wandered up and down until the rest split off and went home, Pops and I took an hour to make it from Ben's house to ours and on the way, I believe every one of us met one or more people we knew, schoolfriends, trampoline teachers, that kid that goes to the same swimming lesson as I do etc etc. Yet another spiffing Puddle event and BensMum is a credit to the profession. Of hostess, that is.

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