Monday, 24 October 2011

What, me worry?

wheel chair outside hospitalWandered out of bed 9-ish and watched TV while laundry was done around me. I could get used to this. One thing I do not wish to get used to is the lingering aroma of grannies weeing themselves, which is still stuck up my nose from yesterday. Once I'd told Bud where Jof hides her Polos we set off for the hospital and parked on the top floor of the car park whose basement we used yesterday. Everything was much busier and there were no mobile thrones for me. Jof was much better and had even slept a little through the noise of beeping machines and flatulent and confused grannies. We embraced but at a distance as I'm still worried her arms will explode and cover me in blood. I told her I didn't like her bloody arms.
mortuary section of hospitalWhile we waited for Doctor #7 to ask her the same questions as his predecessors, we went for another wander around the buildings. It's not like 10pm yesterday when we practically had the whole place to ourselves, we actually had to wait for the lifts and millions of people in wheelchairs beetled up and down looking sad. We found the corridor to the mortuary again but instead of seeing dead people (I have developed a healthy obsession with deceased persons and know all about how they go mouldy and smelly and gloopy if you don't get them into a freezer quickly enough) we went to the top floor and looked at the helicopter landing pad. We weren't allowed any further.
Jof was still waiting for Doctor #7 so we went shopping so we could have some food (predominantly chocolate) for when Jof gets back later today. We are looking forward to this very much. We have found out it was just one of those things, not some big problem that could come back.
Then finally Jof said she was being discharged so we drove back to the hospital (found a mobile throne this time) and found her in the waiting room. We sat with her for an hour or so while Doctor #8 signed off the paperwork, took some time out to visit the dead people - here's me pretending to be a dead person. Last night the corridors were dead quiet, but today there was stiff resistance, I was mortified! You can see the undead human through the door window about to knock me over. Anyway we investigated some more in the pathology section: I opened a store room door and guess who was inside looking at me? A real live skelington!! Well, dead, but you know what I mean. I guess a skelington is a bunch of bones with the person scraped off. On our way out some of the orderlies said 'Ello mate and waved and laughed at me. I don't see why these people remember me, I'm not exactly memorable, am I?
We finally repatriated Jof at a little after 5pm and she spent ages talking to her mum. A decent homecooked meal and she was right as rain, which promptly started outside.

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