Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Digging for victory

digging for victory in the school flowerbedsToday we went to help install some new plants in the flowerbeds at the front of the school. We'd missed the digging-over part a couple of days ago so took spades and chicken poo and did lots of digging with Flynn and our friends.

remote controlled cars in the playgroundPretty soon we got distracted by the remote controlled cars and the empty playground so forgot our duties but other kids arrived who had not reached their boredom threshold and by and by the work was completed.
the workers having a rest after work completed Once we'd finished we washed strenuously and I went back to lego. I am making a fleet of interestingly-shaped boats, cunningly designed canoes, and hovercrafty helicopters. Some good news in the afternoon: Ben and the JBs were available for some park action.
collection of lego boats and vehiclesBen came to our house with some warrior figures so we tested inter-species compatibility with the lego fleet. Once the borings had finished their tea we hit the park and the JBs arrived.
game of football in the parkAmazingly, because the adults didn't interfere, we set up our own game of football with specified goal areas, teams, directions of play and everything, and then actually did it properly for ages. Thursday football has taught us a lot. Three freaky identical triplets kept trying to invade our match so we decamped to the other end of the park and had a free-flowing game of constantly changing teams and personnel including 2 PuddleDaddies as sillygoalies. This worked quite well for quite a long time but eventually there were just too many collapses and howls and we gave up and went home. At one point I stopped a goalmouth clearance using only my willy: for a minute there I had 3 balls and this made for the loudest and longest howl-round of the game. I decided I wanted to be referee sitting on the climbing rock out of range but got stuck in again anyway.

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