Friday, 28 October 2011

Echolocate: chocolate

samurai on the toilet film by takeshi kitano using emoticons
I have inherited an ability to detect chocolate through walls, tins, packets, present wrappers, etc etc. Thank you, mother.
southsea model village castle and south parade pierManaged to leave the house at a sensible time and hopped on a big six-wheeler scarlet painted London transport diesel engined 97-horsepower omnibus down to Canoe lake and the model village. Bud and I took Ben there last winter for the Father Christmas thing and they gave me a free child's ticket so I could come back. The model village (at Lumps Fort, Southsea seafront) was apparently voted #3 in the highly exclusive "Daily Mirror Top 10 Best Grottoes Christmas 2010" so you just know it's wonderful.
wooden model of portsmouth guildhall in defensive fortificationThought I'd better use it within one calendar year otherwise it'd be silly so here we are. We climbed the castle and chased the trains and had a hot sandwich and explored everywhere. It's in need of a bit of TLC and a lot of the buildings need repair, there are lots of weeds growing up between the exhibits and they've clearly shoved in a few extras like some random teletubbies. 
dead garden gnome in piecesManaged to get further down the soldier's firing tunnel this time and found a model of the guildhall. We also found a dead gnome which merely highlights the state of repair of the whole facility. After a good couple of circuits we headed out to the butterfly museum as they have toilets: we had a quick look at the dinosaurs (which are a species of butterfly) and awaited pickup by the lake.
Bud had said that after the 2-storey box with roof garden he created out of 2 full-sized pallets for Erin's Puddle-House-warming party he'd not do boxes again, sort of going out on a high, retiring at the top of his game.
He lies like cheap watch. OK, so this box is not a tower-block box castle. We have had that. But each new one has to be different... just you wait, Henry Higgins...
My swimming lesson was great. Because it's half term, there were only 3 of us so I got lots of extra teacher attention.

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  1. MORE BIG BOXES!!!! BIGGER.....BETTER........3 STOREY......4 STOREY......WE WANT BOXES!!!!!


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