Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Taking over the asylum

dosage regimen error Wednesday park was transmuted into Wednesday Invade The JoniBobs Place day due to duff weather. It kept looking like it was going to rain and there was plenty of wind so the PuddleMummies opted for the warm and comfortable option. Buncha girls. It did allow Bud to do a 6 ¾ mile run into the gale on the deserted seafront.
crew members climbing on the hovercraftBen and I played hovercrafts with the JBs as usual and we even got a bonus pasta meal.
Then back at home we phoned Nanna to do my homework. I have to select a family member to answer some questions about fairgrounds of the past. Nanna is really old so she was there in the past and also she needed cheering up after the doctor sent her for even more scans. I asked her: what were the rides made of? Was there a merry-go-round? Maybe one day I'll work in research.

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