Thursday, 27 October 2011

2 pints of Dunkel and a Kochwurst, please

pirate beer teddy bearAchtung Liebestraße! Gezeinen geblungen! Deine flammenwerfen ist kaput! Schnell shnell kartoppelkopf! The 51st annual WurstFest is about to start in New Braunfels, Texas. Oh how I'd love to take all the Puddlers and Piddlers over there for the 10 day sausage celebration, boating on Canyon Lake and riding on the miniature trains in Landa Park in silly costumes.
Attractions include:
1.   Infinite amounts of meat on a stick and more Bratwurst, Stippgrütze and Pinkel than you can shake a Helga the Viking helmet at
2.   Beerfest favourites such as Warsteiner Dunkel, Spaten Oktoberfest and Ziegenbock.
3.   Non-stop entertainment (in the big tents, kiddie tent and the all-new house on stilts) from The TubaMeisters, The 7 Dutchmen Orchestra, Edelweiss Kinder Choir, Squeezebox and Oompah Frenzy, Guest Master Yodellers and the Waltz and Polka contests. Don't forget the Chicken Dance, mmmm.
Lego day again, really, it rained or was claggy all day apart from a brief spell of activity when I took Bud down to the deserted skate park and immediately got soaked trousers. Now 4/5 of the battalion is complete: soon my feral Police tribe will take over the country.
Today a man came to the door and insisted he could clean our gutters for so long we had to shut the door in his face.
Supper is sausages in honour of Wurstfest. I had 6 although I'm not German. Jof is better but still quite tired and enjoyed her sofa-time until she got bored of it and started cleaning the bathroom.

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  1. Hey Bud, just to say to let Jof know not too bother with the sit down meal on the 5th Nov as she's been through a bit and it will only add more stress! Chips, burgers, beers and fireworks will do we'll have a splendid time all the same, so tell her to chill and we'll all chill and have a good time!


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