Thursday, 20 October 2011

The End Of Days (again)

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Half term is with us once more in a blaze of cardboard cutouts, brain fizzers and overwrought mothers.
It was early doors at Otters class when we displayed our Funfair construction efforts to the assembled parents, who stood agape at our creative triumph.
school project big dipper model
I was part of the Big Dipper team and we'd made a silvery track of various heights and a truck to run thereupon. I also had been part of the Ice Cream Stall team and made a pink cone with flake for Bud and gave him change for a banknote he didn't have. Outside was a cake stall with many fine offerings and even some still in their original shop packaging. Our spidercake was there but complete, you had to buy the whole thing for £3 instead of a quarter for 50p or similar which we would have liked to do. So in the end he bought a few random cupcakes and I got 60p to choose mine which was 2 cupcakes and a skeleton straw. At school today Zak told me that his Dad had a new girlfriend but that was OK because his Mum had a new boyfriend. None of this is unusual to me as I have seen it all. I myself have 2 girlfriends currently and Ben has a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
school project ice cream stall with strawberry cone and flake
While I was in the queue, LittleMax demanded I come back to his place for tea which was ideal. It's lucky I have inherited my short-term memory from Bud otherwise I'd remember a few days ago when I took him to swingpark and he dropped all the things he was supposed to carry and I howled and I hate him I hate him I hate him. More to the point, it's lucky I've inherited Bud's short-term memory or ..... did I just say that? Anyway, due to some memory issues we had a great time and I ate all my supper (including the baked beans I don't like) but I did not have a drink because LittleMax put a baked bean in it.
Tomorrow is an insect day (the random teacher-training extra-holiday, not flying ant swarm-day) so I shall have a surprise trip to Pirate Pete's with Ben and Erin and Jack W.

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