Monday, 3 October 2011

The great white hope

engrish infecting your mystery funny signI hope I get my School Council badge today. Incidentally, Erin is also a school councillor so we'll be off together on the many official "Fact-finding mission" jollies to beachfront hotels in the Maldives. She's also lunchtime monitor, computer monitor, Nile monitor and a thousand other jobs that all sound much more important than my Pencil Pot Monitor position. I told you she'd be prime minister one day. shipping container with human cargoOn a whim I invited LittleMax round after school and while we were waiting at the lights with Jack and Naughty Amy, we saw the Jo-and-Caseys. These chaps are identikit twins from Puddleducks (therefore are treated as equal parts of a gestalt entity) but they live miles away in town so we haven't seen them since the diaspora party 14 months ago. Their pleasantly shaped mum (who had a sleeping puppy in her bike pannier) put them in a school the other side of the park because she didn't want them going to an inner-city chamberpot of a school. Maybe if we bump into them again we can tell them about Wednesday Park.
standing in a cardboard box
Once LittleMax and I had got all the trucks out and seen the new burnbox, we took one rifle and a bat and ball down to the park and went conker-hunting. Then we met up with Emma and Thomas and played rifle rounders as best we could until it was hometime.
shooting horse chestnuts down from a conker treeThis is where it all went wrong. He ditched the toys because he's used to walking with his kid sister so can put everything in the pram. Because I had to carry them it was unfair so I burst into tears. He then wouldn't let me hide in a corner so I howled more and ran away. He fell over and got splintered so we were both howling all the way home, I hate him I hate him so I slammed my bedroom door and blubbed into my baby security blanket for 20 minutes while LittleMax got his splinters removed and the washing up was magically done. 
Later I opened a letter from Grandad with more tasks to complete - coursework to earn my new bike. This time I need the globe and looks like there's geometry as well.
Have discovered that the scooter and micro-teddy belong to Ben. I shall have a last-chance scoot around the park tomorrow and then arrive on it for Wednesday park.

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