Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nom de cyber: Mungleton. Location: A&E

ambulance bay at accident and emergency
Morning; gardening in preparation for the bonfire. Jof did not feel so good so went to the drop-in centre where she waited for hours, as you do. While we were waiting I slipped my little thin arms through the grating of the wishing well and my wish for a small handful of rusty coppers came true! Bud said it wasn't cool. The nice nurses booked Jof a free ride in a woo-woo and so she waited over 2 hours for that to arrive even though we offered to take her.
connecting corridor inside giant hospitalA mere 4 hours in A+E allowed them to test her in many ways, X-rays, needles to take her blood and a cool beeping machine that showed off her heart by making excellent shark's teeth on the screen. We went to the hospital shop to buy chocs and magazines and explored the many massive deserted corridors and lifts. This corridor on the right is enormous, he wants to play golf in it or go on a scooter but I don't think he'll be allowed. We'd missed the gardening at my school and the last day of trains but I wanted to stay with Jof.
Finally she was taken away from the first room with the screaming baby, the woman who had had too many lagers and the woman with the black eyes and the policeman in attendance. The new yellow room had the more traditional nutter old lady [this one keeps trying to leave the room as she is expecting an important telephone call from Canada] but at least it was quieter. I did not want to cuddle her goodbye in case blood came out of her needle holes. We went home for food and to get her overnight bag as the hospital doctors wanted to keep her! Cheek, who's going to give me chocolate now?
After supper we delivered her kit to her in her new room, by then she was getting very bored so we exchanged little sentences on a pad with each declaration of undying love followed by a triangle of kisses. We found an abandoned Renal Unit wheelchair by the carpark and I commanded that it be delivered back to the reception area: I sat upon it and waved regally to the dressing-gowned patients having a crafty smoke: my very own mobile throne aha. We all had a little walk to get her some fresh air and then the third doctor came along and asked her all the same questions the first 2 had. Bud and I strolled around the building investigating crevices and found the corridor that goes over the road: that is where we found the mortuary which is freezers full of dead people. We didn't see them.
Eventually we had to go home so I could go to bed (10pm) and Jof looked sad as she prepared for a night amongst snoring crones and all their beeping machines. She had got up there too late for supper, lucky we'd brought chocolate.

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