Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Dispatch war rocket Ajax

engrish funny sign no nothing warning
 Lego time again with my attack fleet including rocket warhead trailer, all lined up like a Soviet May day Parade.
Spent a lot of time waiting for it to stop raining. Eventually Jof and I went into town and trailed round numerous shops which wasn't a laugh for either of us. I got a full-size plastic trident in shop #1 so was able to knock things over with it and stab strangers for the duration of the trip. Marks and Spencer failed to offer us hot food just when we wanted it so as Jof's defences were down I persuaded her into buying a vast 750-piece lego set with police station, helicopter, armoured troop carrier, motorbike and tank. OK so it's Wilklego not real lego but it's mostly compatible and was only £16, once we've built the whole caboodle and destroyed it all again, all the bits'll go into my giant lego box anyway. In the end I had a McDingle's Happy Meal.
Bud returned from work and we all set about building the helicopter. After an hour it was time for some excercise so I cycled aimlessly around eastern Portsmouth on various routes from the puddles on Ben's bumpy paths to the Moneyfields allotments. This did give him the chance to deliver a copy of the newspaper with the PuddleDaddies at the beer festival to BensDad. Then I got cold and tired so retired to the sofa. Why can't he make the roads shorter when I'm tired? I have no mudguard so got a muddy back.
While we were gone Jof started work on the Guy for November the 5th. Not having much experience in making heads out of cloth (is this not a standard part of finishing school?), she made 2 and hoped to choose the best. Initially we were thinking of dressing the poor chap in a smock and calling him Gay Fawkes but now we have 2 heads I'm thinking we go with the Zaphod Beeblebrox look. The outsize T-shirt he will be formed from certainly has space for a second head, or maybe a Kuato (symbiotic mutant from Total Recall).

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