Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shining like diamonds in the black

big poo rice bag funny product name
Today I finally got my School Council badge and spent the whole day playing with it in a destructive test to see how long it'll last. Then we got a big book of all the jobs we will be required to do in an official capacity and sent them to Santa Claus, for he will allocate the jobs. Bud has told me the truth about Mr S. Claus but I went along with it anyway. wargames capturing the rocky mountain, king of the castle
The most exciting thing to happen to me today was when I had to move drawers so all my stuff will be in a slightly different place.
pushing older children in the baby swings Bit cold but certainly bright enough for Wednesday park. He ditched me at the gate and went to Beth's house to give the wallpaper stripper back. I elected to take 2 swords so at least I was a heavily armed abandoned man.
homemade halloween spiderweb cake for school benefit cake stallBen and the JBs played wargames with me, we split up into teams and occupied 2 climbing frames and made exploratory attacks on each others' bases. Given the weapons involved it's surprising there weren't more howls and lost fingers or eyes and we also feasted under the climbing frame like hyaenas, cackling and scratching ourselves behind the ears.
On the way home I demanded to be carried (cavalry are mounted) but soon forgot. Jof and I finished the cake (another spidery masterpiece) ready for the morning; I would have emptied the entire sprinkles collection onto it had I not been stopped.

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