Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Postcards from the Padded Room

doctor jesus chemical shop african souk funny signstairway to heaven and jumping onto the bed from the chest of drawers gameAnother day over at school, we hopped into the car for a drive-by dumping at the charity shop opposite Jof's work. In exchange for 5 bags of obsolete material we were given (as arranged by Jof) a large bag of unsaleable clothes which all the Piddlers shall use to make a Guy. This will keep us busy for a while during the firework party and I feel sure one of the sensible adults (AKA Oxymoron) will secrete one or more French bangers within the Guy.
Once we'd returned, Principal Squeeze "Pops" arrived to do some iumping on my bed, as before, while Bud replaced the toilet seat, instantly road tested by a little visitor. This left us with one old wooden toilet seat's clear profit on the beginning of the day, and I do believe Mr Guy Fawkes will at last sit upon the throne before the fire is lit beneath his deserving bottom. The freaky boy scouts will play supporting roles.
After supper we started to make the cakes that must be ready for the Thursday morning school run: the allegedly light and fluffy sponge components are more like those American breakfast pancakes and I got to use the whisk again so I whiskered chocolate all over Jof's shirt like last time.

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