Friday, 7 October 2011

Drinking Mad Dog Margaritas

fail book cooking your dog not chinese cuisine
Fido Friday! I shall be making puppy eyes at Erin (maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree), doing doggy paddle at the pool and, after a paws for thought, hounding Jof for chocolate. I haven't a cur in the world.

A note in my book bag today says please could we bring in cardboard boxes for model-making. Where am I supposed to get cardboard boxes from???

Swimming just rang to cancel! What a poo. Maybe there was a poo in the pool. Anyway, thank goodness for Beer'o'clock at the Royal Artillery. a row of little bottoms

playing football in the darkBen and the JBs arrived and we played on the newly repainted pirate ship (steering wheel missing) and dragged the pub scooter and all the bits of climbing frame onto it to jettison. "Scooter overboard" was our cry until the real crying started when bits of slide etc landed on people. That's when everything was confiscated. We resorted to attack chase with the wind-up torch until the beer ran out and supper was nearly 9pm.

The date for this year's council firework display is 2nd November. Last year I went with Pops (see the incandescent blog entry here  ) on the train and it was wizzo. Who's up for it this year?

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