Thursday, 6 October 2011

On wings you can't see

emergency mop stupid child engrish for clumsy children
Nothing on the list for today so will do domestic chores.
Job #1 (tidy garden) fell by the wayside when it bucketed down as soon as we got home. But I did do my spelling homework ("Destroy annoying oysters today! A horse was the ploy to destroy Troy.")

Today I got into the golden book for working as part of a team, and I also got a special award sticker for being quiet. Noting the ease with which I amass these sticker-trinkets, he has opened me a new collection sheet in thick black paper on the fridge so they're all easy to see. He has also got me a pile of small boxes and the like to take in to 'Fab Friday' for everyone to use in the cutting/sticking session.

Next week the official school cameraman will be coming in to take our pictures, whether we want to or not. large pinata under construction, frightened child
Job #2 was to start the pinata for the PuddleBonfire party.
It was supposed to be a very silly shape (using a giant teddy bear from a charity shop as a template) but none were forthcoming so we have opted for a large sphere which can be painted in a variety of inventive ways.
It's a very messy job and Bud's first pinata so I instructed him in the art of papier mache. It's a good start and many more layers will be applied.

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