Friday, 21 October 2011

Fun and games at the Stercus Maximus

lovely tasting baby lolly stick sweetie big seal
Ben came round to pick me up and we convoyed to Pirate Pete's with Erin and Jack. In there we partied hard, particularly with the new bricks with nobs on and finally retired to the Wimpy for sustenance when our session expired. I pigged and pigged (let's hope I remain tapeworm-free) and even helped others finish their food (of undoubted quality). After ten minutes on the machines with flashing lights downstairs we played in the swingpark over the road (new climbing frame to investigate and the front half of a pirate ship to boot) until it was hometime. Ben came back to mine so the adults could have tea.
Due to an inefficiency-related hopelessness disorder, Jof failed to take the camera so no record of this day exists. 
homemade overloaded pepperoni pizzaThus you'll just have to take my word for it that we all had a great time. Met the wives as we left for my regular swimming lesson: they were going to Rainbows. Jof sat with me through my lesson and I worked hard and did what I was told. At one point this included swimming along blowing a rubber fried egg along in front of me, extra points gained if you could turn it over. Of course, all the time I was getting breathing training and swimming encouragement but I didn't know that, I just thought it was great fun.
At home I made the promised pepperoni pizza. Instructions: arrange all the pepperoni slices you have in the world into a disc and attach a small pizza underneath.
Bedtime eventually after much fun and games including Greek wrestling at showertime, toppling-attack at towel-time after the shower and laughing each other into fits of hiccups, all of which ought to be olympic events. Musical accompaniment to the gladiatorial combat: Basil Poledouris's "Anvil of Crom" (Theme to Conan The Barbarian) and some old pants that Jof found on YouTube.

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