Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A pinch of spice and a rum punch

oriental restaurant smart noshery makes you slobber funny sign
Rain. Sun. The weather confusion continues. I passed up the chance to go to Swingpark and Tunnel park in order to play bingo, rearrange my toys again and read about ships.
Once he'd got back from his run we made 80% of the new self-assembly toybox (use no power tools here), I selected the dowels, screws and tooling while he got all the wood ready. I did some more of Grandad's homework while he screwed it up. I correctly spelt a hundred, one thousand and two hundred and seventy-three (I'll be learning about Kelvin next month) but to me, it'll always be a harf, not a half.
The adults have finally worked out how we're going to get to the fireworks tomorrow. Just don't let them anywhere near a brewery, they won't be able to organise anything.

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