Wednesday, 16 November 2011

This statement is not true

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Wednesday again and another joyous opportunity to play football and similar games in the dark.
Incidentally, should any PuddleParent visit isolated coastal village Chichester, I suggest you make a detour to the West Cornwall Pasty Company outlet at 27 North St. They are pirate-obsessed and even have bottles of water called "Pirate water" (passed only by the best pirates) so xmas presents etc may be available for any short people who like crusty old sea dogs, arrrgh.
Today was day of forgetfulness, I think.
1. Forgot it was hot lunch day so forgot to pay. Subsisted on leftover crusts I scavenged and gleaned from the canteen. This is because it was on the wrong day so I was not pre-programmed to eat hot lunch. That's why I had a scotch egg, yogurt and pie this afternoon.
2. The teacher forgot to send me to my school council meeting. Actually, that's ok because I'd forgotten my council member's badge and I refuse to attend official functions without proper regalia.
3. I had forgotten it was football day not swimming day so duly presented myself to Bud bereft of panties in order to receive the holy swimming trunks to save time getting ready for the lesson. He looked at me in a funny way.
boy with spotty t-shirt for children in need dayThere may be more
Of that I'm sure
But all the rest eludes me.
floodlights on football pitch at night Football was excellent again, we did circuits and bumps (not talking about the tutors who were fair of mug and bod, and young with it) and a lot of it was throwing a tennis ball against the stumps. I lost that game but was victorious in many others, allegedly.
Later I tried on my spotty T-shirt for Pudsey day, I haven't got Rigellian fever, it's just spots, honest.

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