Friday, 11 November 2011

Angry Arab = Raudi Saudi?

leonardo dicrapio collection funny productMore to add to the collection of unwanted guests - and and and
See referral spam post a few days ago and new page on the right.
I shall have to instruct my solicitors Slingsby, Potter Prunt, Trenchfoot and Ottercleebidge to start proceedings if I get a case of Clostridium extremelydifficile from any of these spam sites.
armistice day remembrance poppy for peaceFriday! Not that Fridays are particularly important for me, life's just one long holiday of delight.....I have Great-Grandad the Colonel to thank for that. Speaking of which, his uniform is still in the loft. When I reach 5 feet tall, I've got a class A fancy dress uniform lined up....
Here is me with my newest creations. One is a submarine, see its double bottle engines and toilet roll periscope. The tall one is a Hudson river rubbish barge with smokestack in action and foghorn cunningly fashioned from an eggbox. And I must mention the new earmuffs purchased by Jof for only £2 as requested. They're very comfortable.
So we nipped down to the park to play football for a while. As we stood at the lights with a yummy mummy and her little kid who must be a Puddleduckian, a man came steaming too fast round the corner on his bike. He did a creditable emergency stop, his brakes made a great screek noise and he went over his handlebars and crumped on the ground, hitting nobody. He landed on his shopping and the big pot of cream in the Tesco bag started leaking. He was very embarrassed and strode off refusing all offers of help, leaving a wide trail of creamy drips along the pavement. In the park, I wowed them with my new talents acquired from Thursday football. I can kick it straight and a long way as well.
While I was at my swimming lesson, Bud wandered unheeded through the city centre and a man shouted at him: "Luvverly buncha roses, Ooo wantser bucketa roses, only 3 quid". He thought this was a good idea and even got the bucket free, I shall use it next year for sandcastles for it is ideally sized. On the way home we devised our plan to spread the lurve. Every PuddleMummy was to get a bunch, I was to get practice giving flowers to girlies and Bud gets to leer on my behalf. We did a circuit of the Puddle houses and it all worked out perfectly apart from that hardly anyone was in because it was Beer O'clock. This was a slight fly in the ointment but we felt we had done our manly duty. I said they'd be confused when they got home to find roses on the doorstep but Jof said that any confusion would make them think of us, because confusion always starts with an M. I did get a bit of a fumble from ErinsMum but I was shy of Poppy, hopefully I'll get over that and learn to press home my advantage.
After my shower I put on my new pyjamas (bright orange trousers and camouflage top - slight mismatch) and played a game not unlike supermario but with poobear getting honey and avoiding bees.

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  1. I've seen these sites showing up on my stats and figured it was phishing. Are they just on a server waiting to take over sites?


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