Saturday, 12 November 2011

Movin' up, movin' on

childs cutlery collection
I have moved on to the adult cutlery we brought out for the Puddle Bonfire party. This means I can ditch the kiddie cutlery I've been using (not including my favourites - my fingers). Some will go to the charity shop, some will be kept for picnics, and the special ones engraved with my name will go into the "Keeping it for my own kid" box in the loft. We don't know who gave me the engraved cutlery. I also don't know when I'll have a kid of my own, let's hope it's in at least 20 years.
boy on railings in southsea with debenhams and earmuffsGymnastics was great as usual, but with a locum teacher and her flexible friend who was something for the daddies to look at, I suppose.
boys choosing lego sets in john lewisJof was going to an opticians appointment so we hitched a ride and trailed round all the charity shops looking for bath fizzers. It's always the same, 5 have nothing but then #6 has 3 packets and a single - so we ended up with 19 fizzers in one place. Then we met Jof for lunch in Knight & Lee. They're very nice in there and the food is great but they're very slow.
When we left the restaurant we ran straight into the Bens which made our day. He had £20 or so of pocket money to spend so was examining all the lego sets. I helped him fail to decide which meant I could choose one for myself as well: we were nearly as slow as the restaurant staff but finally we decided: he got a couple of green warriors of some sort and I got a camper van.
On returning home, we decided to do another massive tower of lego. We did one last year and it was almost taller than me. Since then, I have acquired many more bits of lego so you'd think this tower would be taller. But no, it is of solid construction and thus wider. He's left me many balconies and gantries and sticky-out bits to put on all those strangely-shaped pieces that you accumulate. It took him about 3 hours and now it's beer time so he's left me do do all the interesting work. I've already installed an evilness radar, "Scanning for Evil, Captain".

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