Monday, 7 November 2011

Sent on a fool's Erin (snipe hunt)

you are here map of spiral galaxy with arrowThe bonfire is still smouldering so we haven't got any laundry out yet. There is also a suspicious 2 foot-wide scorch mark on the brick wall by the bonfire, looks like that "dead" firework we put on the fire that turned out to be anything but has left its mark on the world. sheets of comfortable pink shipping foamExtra bonus today with Erin coming round after school. I got a chance to change so she didn't see me in my school uniform and we got on with cutting and sticking, then large vehicles, then building more of the rockets we made on Saturday. Bud had brought home some giant foam to make a padded room so we rolled around on that and used it as a pink motorway. Erin has some new pink bootie-slippers, Jof likes them and wants some of her own. After supper we piled the foam up a bit, she got underneath and invited me to jump on her repeatedly. Why not indeed.
In a surprise last-minute move that had all the punters fooled, wily veteran contender 'Fate' pulled another Papandreou-style political U-turn out of the hat. The chap that used to run Thursday football phoned us up and invited us back for a 10-week special! His older pupils need to finish their instructors course with a practical exam, ie to actually run a course of lessons, and they need some kiddies to practice on. We jumped at this eleventh-hour lifeline as we have previously bemoaned the end of Thursday football on this blog and on Ben's. Hooray for everything!

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