Monday, 28 November 2011

Resist pressure to conform to societal norms

indian school bus, schoolchildren packed into rickshawI could barely make it home this afternoon due to being starving. At supper I said that although the pasta meal was lovely, I was full. Then I couldn't believe it when he said that I couldn't have any pudding because I was full. Doesn't he know that "Full" is a relative term and is inversely proportional to how nice the food is?
giant trichocereus pachanoi columnar cactus
giant san pedro spiny cacti
This afternoon was the climax of the cactus shipping project. The box was ready, the cacti de-potted and ready to go in. That's when we discovered there was a further 15cm of height under the gravel that hadn't been taken into consideration - you can see the lighter green bit at the bottom -  so the purpose-built bespoke shipping carton was a good 15cm too small. It was very embarrassing but not for me because it wasn't my fault. Still, groovy pictures.

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