Sunday, 20 November 2011

50% of my genetic inheritance (not including alien DNA)

descending fireman's pole in parkmeeting grandparents in the loungeToday Grandma and Grandad drove from deepest darkest Dorset to see if I'd grown. He predicts I shall exceed his height (5 foot 1) by the time I'm 11, let's see. While they talked I repeatedly ran at the sofa and did headstands on it to gain more attention, my very own danse macabre. I didn't have to worry, though, as Grandma read me some Mr Men stories and Grandad played Ludo with me and then we had a big lunch.
They even knew where swingpark was so we all went there.
boy playing ludo with grandadI did some climbing and played football: Grandad joined in a bit but he's even worse than Bud. The swinging basket was free so I had a go on that while they all laughed at me. Then they plotted Xmas presents, I assume I shall get the Bentley, the cricket pitch and the his'n'hers Burmese pythons as appropriate. Speaking of plotting, well-known fireworks technician Guido Fawkes went to Bud's school. Maybe that is where he gets his love of basements and bombs.
It was dark by the time they left and I think I made a reasonable impression.

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