Sunday, 13 November 2011

A great day to be alive

boy and girl in bedroom eating brioche and drawingStrolled out of bed at 10am. I hadn't even done my teeth when Poppy came round to eat brioche and play iumping with me. I iumped so hard I hurt my neck. She stayed with me until it was her lunchtime.

family game of football in the parkYou know when you drop toast, it always lands butter side down? Well, when Jof dropped her lunchtime cheese on toast she also knew this would happen. So she caught it before it hit the floor: unfortunately freshly grilled bubbling cheese can be hot so she has a burnt hand. He decided to do his first 10-mile run (1 hour 31 mins) so now has hurty legs. So we all need pink medicine.
The best way to chase away those pink medicine blues is to go and play football in the park.
fort cumberland barbed wire defences at sundown
We all took turns being in goal and messed about lots. On the way back to the car we met ginger Lenny from Wednesday football who was also happy it was back on.
 While Jof walked home we pushed on to Fort Cumberland and threw rocks and investigated the much changed shoreline in increasingly dusky conditions. The storms of a couple of weeks ago had moved all the big rocks around, piled up the anti-tank defences and moved a grillion tons of shingle from one end of the beach to the other. We did our civic duty and threw as much of it back as we could until it got dark. We have earned sofatime.

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