Friday, 18 November 2011

Narcolepsy, a beginner's guide

pot dog yummy delights funny sign, eating dog meat
Friday! This can mean only one thing. Fab Friday/GoldenTime cutting and sticking activity session! I will secretly continue work on the particle accelerator, centrifuge and fission reactor I'm making with the drawings supplied by little Abou-Ali's cousin in Iran.comical mask pudsey children in need
It was also Pudsey day so we all wore spots and stripes and clubbed together to raise over £200 for needy children. Erin had a painted face as well and ErinsDad says she's going to have a haircut just like mine so you can see more of it. I made a Pudsey mask to hide my face but my head is so big the string doesn't reach.
Then they saw I'd got 2/6 on the weekly spelling test and the atmosphere changed, not due to my noxious bottie this time. The days of only 1 sentence a week may be over.
playing computer games super mario poo bearSwimming was successful again, but there were no cheap roses this time, just a tin of coconut milk that Jof wanted from Big Tesco, apparently.
Big family news is that Grandad (82) is going to join the online community by buying a laptop. In my most recent incarnation, I remember he had his own pet chattering telex machine in his office in a telephone exchange near Dubai. Thus he shall make the transition from telex to Wi-Fi in only one move, albeit over 30 years.
After showertime I did more Pooh-bear Super-Mario game and finally hit the sack at 1015. So, who shall train Grandad?
I'm too busy to be narcoleptic.

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