Friday, 4 November 2011

Now is not the time, Cato

please don't stay funny engrish signWhat a lot of rain last night! Luckily most of the wood for the bonfire party is in my garden house. Maybe I can swim to my swimming lesson. Because of the PuddleBurnParty tomorrow, it's bath fizzer night tonight so I'll be extra clean and fizzy for the fireworks. Maybe if it rains tomorrow it'll be cancelled and I'll get a second FizzNight.....   Got another school Well Done sticker to add to my collection, this time for handing out gluesticks. Is it my imagination or is this cheap and demeaning? In other news, I also got a trip to the 'Bump Stop' when Zachary accidentally clouted me in the face while waving his arms around in an excitable fashion. I never do this for I am a dull placid child so shall sneak up and exact a frosty revenge upon him at his birthday party next week. Swiped 4 cupboard doors out of a skip on the way home, as you do.
decanting reagents in a bath potion experimentcooking ingredients for beef bourgignon with shallotsJof cooked up the beef bourguignon in the 2 slow-cookers lent by Ben and Erin, here's a pic of the ingredients including the 2+ pints of wine. Had another swimming lesson which went swimmingly. I am particularly good at floating on my back in cruciform position, maybe I can get casual work as an extra in marine disaster movies. Bud was sent to get more tealights (little cheap candles in metal cups) for garden illumination in future nocturnal PuddleParties and came back with 115 of various sizes for the princely sum of £5. 
Bath fizzer night music was Elton John Live in Australia until Jof tried out the special burnparty CD she'd burnt (hoho). All songs are fire-related. I played ping-pong tennis and hit one ball so hard it rebounded off the wall and hit me in the willy. I drove my submarine around the bath, made a potion and quarkled loudly for hours.

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