Sunday, 6 November 2011

The things that make you who you are

playing lego with star wars figurinesGot up at 11, it seemed only fair after all my hard work being a lunatic yesterday. The house was interesting and we started to tidy up. Everything was covered in glitter and we hoovered strenuously.
candy's pit chalk quarry cave portsmouth
Ben had left a coat and scooter behind so we took them back along with the first bag of bottles for recycling. Straight away we met PopsMum who said the party was the best ever. At Ben's we played Sith drone attack lego while the parents drank tea quietly. On the way back we met Elizabeth who was going biking on the bumpy paths. After a confusing lunch at a non-traditional time of day, Jof wanted another sleep so we headed off to Portsdown Hill where Bud had found another tunnel in the chalk cliffs.
bricked up entrance to london road deep bomb shelter portsmouthThis one (Candy's Pit, apparently) didn't go in very far, in fact it was really just a cave but the dead fireworks and half-burnt logs on the floor showed that it's still used if only by the local youths who also like leaving beercans there.
view from portsdown hill towards portsmouth and isle of wightThen we wandered down the hill a little bit to Cliffdale Gardens which is in another old chalk pit.
london road bomb shelter site mapThis is the site of the London Road Deep Shelter where 2500 people could hide and sleep during the war when the enemy planes were dropping bombs on Portsmouth. It's very big inside and goes on for miles but it was very bricked up and we hadn't brought torches or oxyacetylene cutters or anything. This is exit C on the map. Having been disappointed, we hiked back up the hill and admired the view before heading home for pizza and Jake the Pirate.

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