Monday, 14 November 2011

Get back in the chiller cabinet, man

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So. In the last week since this referral spam thing broke, the Google statistics for "Referring URLs" for my blog show that 75% of hits were from spam sites. But the silver lining is well over a thousand extra visitors reading my rant on the menace of spam. Many have left comments saying thanks, which is nice, and one chap laughed so much he has become a follower. Welcome, Angelo.
So you get worried, then you get angry. Then you think "Well, as long as I ignore them, it won't be a problem. Might as well chill, man".
Yesterday in California, a sealed abandoned bank storage locker was auctioned off as part of TV reality show "Storage Wars". The successful bid was $1000. Once the winner opened it up, they found a 200 year-old chest containing $500K of Spanish gold coins from the 16th - 19th centuries, including doubloons. I guess there are some very angry pirates out there going "Arrrr, so that's where we left it, bulwaaarrrks to everything....."
Monday. Cold. Tonight we all went back to school for meet-the-teacher time and I showed them my work books and all the pictures on the wall. The teacher says I'm wonderful (I don't pay her for nothing, you know) and that I'm in the top streams for maths and reading/writing.

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