Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cheese selection (Fromage Rummage)

enough just listening to you is making my butthole tingle
Cold and windy day so I made the obvious choice - crazy golf on the pier. We drove down and started the course but soon enough Jof got cold and we cherry-picked the best ones only. Several of the holes previously designated "Impossible" fell to our skilful moves. Problem was, it's extremely exposed standing on a concrete and metal pier sticking way out to sea with nothing stopping the howling wind but your gloves (if you remembered to bring any).
south parade pier crazy golf course in winterWhile we were there, a small group of Students-Of-All-Nations™ walked right to the end (where even the fishermen had thought better of it and were absent) and stood there getting blasted by the arctic gales: they then realised that their mummies weren't going to bring them coats so ran home again.
san pedro trichocereus pachanoi giant cactus Eventually we retired to the penny arcade to warm up again and spent only £1 before leaving for a warm car and house.
The giant cacti are now so big they have to go. They're now on Ebay so if you want enough mescaline to start a small war, better get to it.

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