Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Looking in someone else's mirror (SPAM ON BLOGS PART 2)


It's nice to know that friends read the blog. It's nice to know that websurfers the world over are directed to it when they search for an image or particular phrase.

May the joy of my life and the associated humour be spread far and wide, propagating out into the universe in ripples of laughter. But recently a new menace is threatening the benign cyber-chatters of the blogosphere: referrer spam. Overnight, 8 hits arrive from somewhere: traffic sources tell you it's Russia (maybe using a .tk suffix registered in the Pacific island state of Tokelau). The referring website is pingywebedition.somee.com or postring.tk or massprofits.tk or xnoid.com or bllog.tk or glowlan.tk or directfashion.tk or lethalcomission.tk or lethal-commission.tk or fusrodah.tk or designfashion.tk or domar.ru or profitsites.tk or

tiny.cc or alt.com or macrou.com. It's never Harry'sCarRepairWorkshop.com. So you visit these sites to find out who they are. (DON'T EVER VISIT THE SITES)

Upon arrival, there's something tempting like unlimited torrent downloads, promises to scan your computer for viruses, or pictures of stripping girlies or cats falling down, and you think "Oh, that looks fun" and you click on it and invite worms, trojans and viruses into your computer and suddenly your credit card has been used in Nigeria, you're on the Interpol watch list and you're part of a botnet attacking the US State Department. Not to mention the endless popup adverts and redirections you'll get. You can't block them, just ignore them until Google stops them. Perhaps they just want to sell you something (viral traffic making money online with easy profit bot) but dodgy sites are risky in too many ways. Some may be almost legit like pu.gg and ow.ly/7uZRF and blogobo.com and getdentalimplantsinfo.com and alt.com/go/g1342476 and tiny.cc/5pkl6 - but it's still spam advertising.

It's a false hit, not a real statistic. No human (or alien) is enriching his life by reading about my exploits: it's just some automated software bot trying to ensnare me for its own nefarious purposes. Go away, you big bag of poo, you're pointless and annoying and not the audience I hoped to reach. Seriously, Bog Offski. And a special greeting from England to all real, nice, actual people out there reading this.

I have maintained a list of all my little interlopers on a dedicated page "Comment and referral spam on my blog" - the link is in green on the right hand side of your screen. There are lots, and you can see patterns developing.

And what's with the latest in mass ping attacks? (2nd July 2012) The lines light up from 5 different countries, starts with internetsupervision.com/urlcheck, webwarper.net and 1427.c-us.360tag.net join in, and in 3 minutes you've got 175 hits!

Pointless pings I have met, we love you all!        How many have found you?

14 JUNE 2017

$query.ref                    Busy bot from all over the world
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